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Teachers In Service is a Christian organization that contributes

to spreading the Word of God around the world.

Teachers In Service is an organization that contributes to spreading the Word of God around the world through the pursuit of donation, faith supported teachers for children of missionaries.  Teachers, in part, facilitate parents doing the work of the Lord.

"The availability of teachers can make the difference in families staying or leaving places where field workers are the fewest and the need for Good News is the greatest.

Principal of MK school  

If you are interested in teaching children of missionaries,

please go to one of these areas to see teaching opportunities:

Americas    Africa   Asia   Pacific Area


This youtube movie is an interview with a former superintendent of a school for children of missionaries.

Invitations to prospective teachers of children of missionaris may be found here.


High school


Children of missionaries






These are a collection related to Teachers In Service and its vision.

Who they are? What do they do? Where do they come from? Why do they do what they do? How are they linked with teachers of their children?


You can begin with prayer that the Lord will lead you in the direction He wants you to go. We have some Bible verses that are dear to...

Some Christians may not realize that teachers of children of Missionries are very important.

Teachers of missionary children (MKs) fill a vital role in taking the Word of God to the four corners of the earth.

Being a real missionary is more than a token involvement in missionary service and then getting on with "My real life!"

Sometimes prospective teachers of children of missionaries question whether or not teaching is genuine missionary service.  We believe it is and have ten reasons to back it up.


The Question About Whether or not MK Teachers are Really Missionarie?

Many missionary organizations process and send faith supported teachers of missionary children to the mission field.  Please contact one or more of them for particulars.

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last. (John 15:16)

Why don't all mission organizations who have schools for children of missionaries  pay teachers a salary?

Interviews with teachers, administrators, and parents of teachers of children of missionaries on YouTube

• Testimonies Fom Teachers Of Children Of Missionaries

• Testimonies From Administrators With Schools For Children Of Missionaries

• Testimonies From Missionary Parents About The Value Of And Need For Teachers For  Their Children

• A College Student's Praise For Her Favorite Teacher Of Children Of Missionaries

Contact Teachers In Service if your school or nontraditional teaching situation is not on this web site and you would like for it to be.

If your school or nontraditional situation has MKs and faith-supported teachers, please contact TIS for consideration of a free listing of your staff needs on this web site.

MK Teacher Recruitment Ideas

Recruitment of MK teachers is a challenge.  This is a running list of recruitment ideas.  Please pass on ideas you may have.