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Consensus Statements

Intermission MK Education Consultation Conference

September 2014

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Transition for Home Education to School


IMKEC stresses the need for intentional preparation for transitioning from homeschool to traditional school.  To that end, IMKEC seeks to strengthen relationships and communication among agencies, homeschool families, and schools, through both pre-field orientation and orientation to new school settings.

TCK Bridge/Gap Programs

IMKEC applauds programs providing post high school "bridge/gap programs" for TCKS and will inform our agency families of these options.

Mission Agencies Recruiting Teachers


Whereas more and more missionaries can’t afford the tuition costs of their children’s education, especially those from new sending countries, and it is harder for many agencies to recruit teachers who are willing to raise their own support, IMKEC highly recommends that mission agencies

·      Give priority to recruiting and placing teachers who will raise their own support to help keep costs of children's education down and to provide affordable options

·      Actively support efforts to develop and maintain affordable educational options for the greater mission community

·      Work to increase awareness of the long term effect of not recruiting teachers

Special Education Needs and Options, Candidate Considerations


IMKEC recognizes the moral responsibility and care agencies have for their families who have children with special needs as well as the need for good stewardship of kingdom funds.

IMKEC urges agencies to make screening of children for potential special needs a part of the candidate process in order to identify needs early and provide early intervention.  Agencies will need to determine the level of care needed, what is available in the field, and consequently if the agency and/or field is a good fit.

IMKEC encourages Christian International Schools to maintain programs for students with special education needs as a part of their mandate to provide quality education for all MKs for the sake of Christ’s kingdom.

IMKEC encourages schools and education consultants to take advantage of all resources, including online programs and written materials in educating children with special needs.

Parents as Teachers


1.  We believe that homeschooling is most effective when both parents are committed to home education for their children.

a. This commitment is reflected as a PRIORITY in the schedules and job descriptions of parents.

b. When possible, homeschooling can be INTEGRATED with life and ministry, reflecting the overall priorities of the family.

c. We believe that it is important for BOTH parents in a homeschooling family to be involved at some level in order to be successful.

2. We believe that homeschooling on the field will be most successful when parents are ORGANIZED in their plans for their children’s education.

a. We encourage all agencies to strongly encourage or require prefield education planning.

b. We believe that there is a strong benefit to networking with other homeschooling families on the field. This can be accomplished via education conferences on the field, dedicated time during agency conferences, and intentional connections made between homeschooling parents.

c. Optimally, consultants will understand the extent to which a particular curriculum will assist a homeschooling parent in planning and organization.

3. Agencies should provide support for homeschooling families on the field in a variety of ways.

a. adequate prefield education planning and preparation for BOTH parents

b. encouraging and budgeting for educational conferences on the field

c. helping field leaders understand the realities and needs of homeschooling families

d. ensuring that homeschooling is a valid option for families and is a significant part of the primary homeschooling parent’s job description

e. including homeschooling in periodic assessments of life and ministry of BOTH parents

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

IMKEC encourages Christian worker families to consider, as one of the viable options,  international Christian schools which utilize the Cambridge University IGCSE program and their other programs which cover ages 5-19. Additionally, IMKEC encourages sending agencies to place certified/licensed teachers in these schools even if the candidates are unfamiliar with the program.  IMKEC believes these curricular programs offer high quality learning opportunities which will be transferrable and highly regarded when TCKs transition to their home countries.

Scholarships for MKs in 2015

IMKEC encourages sending agencies to pursue sources of funding for TCKs to attend university and other post-secondary training opportunities. We believe missionary continuance may be negatively affected by the challenge of funding their children’s education. Further, IMKEC applauds the development of transition materials for TCKs transitioning to post-secondary educational programs and encourages inter-mission collaboration to keep resources as current and complete as possible.

Comparing Concurrent Credit and AP Courses

IMKEC is encouraged to learn of the increasing number of course offerings for advance secondary offerings for capable students.  We encourage schools which serve TCKs to support these options whenever possible, either through online providers or through direct partnerships with higher education institutions.  We encourage parents using home education to explore these possibilities and to seek counsel regarding the advantages and disadvantages related to each option.

MK Research

Whereas there is a great need and interest for continuing research and its dissemination among agencies and practitioners of TCK education and member care, IMKEC commits itself to continuing support and facilitation of new TCK research and the dissemination of new and existing research studies.