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Faith Academy in the Philippines

Please contact:  Anne Penner or human.resources@faith.edu

Faith Academy is a PreK-12 international Christian school with more than 500 students in Elementary, Middle School and High School.  Our student body represents 20+ different countries, with 85% of our students being children of missionaries.  Parents serve in a wide spectrum of mission work throughout Southeast Asia, including tribal ministries, church planting, bible translation, running orphanages and birthing homes, ministry to the poor, pastoral training, and medical outreaches.

Teaching opportunities for the

2017-2018 School year


Classroom teachers (4 needed)


Physical Education

Special Education

Middle School



ELL Teacher (English Language Learner)

NILD Therapist (National Institute for Learning Development

Physical Education


Special Education

High School




Guidance Counselor

Home Economics (second semester)

Korean Language


Social Studies


US History

Yearbook Teacher


Alumni Coordinator

Child and Youth Counselor--Filipino

Child and Youth Counselor--Korean

Educational Technology Coach

HR Director

Library Director


Project Construction Manager

Recruitment/Staff Promotions

Speech Therapist


In order to work at Faith Academy you need to be qualified in your area of application. It is expected that you are an active member of an evangelical church. You also need to be approved by our Human Resources Committee and accepted by a mission (or sending) organization.

Since the school does not pay salaries to staff members, each faculty and staff member receives financial support under the guidelines of his sending organization. This helps keep tuition costs affordable for missionary families in order to serve on the mission field. Typically, the teachers and staff raise their own support through fellow believers and churches who want to be involved in the staff member's ministry.

Why teach children of missionaries?  Why teach at Faith Academy?  For answers to both of these questions click here and watch a short movie.

Things for teachers to do on weekends

On campus, recreational activities for staff and parents take place throughout the week, including volleyball and soccer.  During weekends and days off from school, faculty and staff often group together to schedule activities such as diving trips, hiking trips, even cross-country motorcycle treks.

Outside of the classroom, there are plenty of things to do on a day to day basis. There are many shopping malls within a few miles of campus, movie theaters, and bowling alleys.  The city of Manila offers many museums and art galleries, while outside the city are many forest areas with beautiful trees, hiking trails, and waterfalls. There are beaches within driving distance and still more within a short flight or ferry ride.

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