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Alumni and Staff are Best Recruiters

Tim Cook

I taught at a large school for missionary children for many years, first as a teacher and eventually as an administrator. As an administrator I began surveying new staff as to how they became interested in our school. The number one source of recruitment turned out to be our own alumni. But just behind our alumni was our own staff members on home assignment.

Obviously, the greatest factor in the success of the teachers of missionary children recruiting other teachers is their own belief and passion in the importance of what they do. Following are some key factors for this to happen:

• First, teachers must be sold out to the Great Commission of Christ.  That is, to take the good news of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

• Second, teachers must believe in and have a clear understanding of the link between their role as teachers of missionary children and the spread of the gospel.  While this seems obvious I was surprised that there were a number of our staff who had a hard time articulating this.

• Third, teachers must be passionate for the children they teach. While this is fundamental for any good teacher at any school, it is also true for teachers of missionary children

There are several things a school can do to help their teachers be effective recruiters:

• The administration needs to clearly and consistently communicate the vision and role the school plays in the spread of the Gospel.

• The school can also help create high quality multimedia presentations which their staff can use while on home assignments. There are some teachers who have a great vision and enthusiasm for what they do and are very competent in their classrooms, but they are not gifted public speakers. Multimedia presentations will help them. 

   Getting parent testimonies on the importance the school plays in their ministry can be a great help as well.

• The school needs to maintain a focus of their outreach with students and staff. There are a multitude of ways this can be done:

• Bring in parents to speak to the school.

• Have staff visit parents in their ministry locations.

• Involve students in the ministry of parents when possible.

• Have the school pray consistently for the ministry in which the parents are involved.

One year our school adopted an unreached people group that was relatively close. Our staff and students got involved with a missionary family working with that group to help out though prayer, some financial help, and when schedules permitted, staff and students were able to join the family on survey and evangelism trips.

This first-hand experience helped to instill a passion for outreach in a number of our staff and students.