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Rain Forest International School in Cameroon

Rainforest International School (RFIS) is set in a rain forest on the outskirts of Yaounde, Cameroon, West Africa.  The campus is quiet and serene with many wild birds, green grass and plants.  Adjacent are two hostels, nestled in the trees, which house students from RFIS whose parents are on the field.

Contact:  Mrs. Lois Anderson, Director for more information or go to our web site.

RFIS from the air

RFIS has approximately 89 students, fifty of which are children of missionaries, MKs as we call them.  They are taught by 23 teachers, 12 of whom are full-time.  The parents of the students do of a wide variety of missionary activities.  Some parents are linguists, teachers, church planters, pastoral trainers, and some are medical liaisons, Bible translators and administrators, and a host of other jobs.

English is the medium for education and all teachers speak English.  That said, Cameroon is francophone, so it's a good idea to brush up on some French if you're going to be living here.

RFIS has an entirely faith based teaching staff and does not pay teacher salaries.

RFIS is for secondary students only, grades 7-12.  There is an MK elementary school at the SIL missionary compound which services the missionary community for elementary age kids until they can go to RFIS.  Some families choose to home school as well.

There are currently 3 partners in the operation of RFIS: CMF, ECIP and SIL

RFIS is accredited by ACSI.  The curriculum is both US (AP courses) and IGCSE and our graduates are accepted by home country universities.

For more information watch a short movie about the school.

Staff Needs 2017-2018


Science teachers

Math teachers

Music teachers


Hostel Parents*

School Chaplain

Learning Support Specialist

Finance Manager/Economics teacher

The RFIS Administration recognizes that the most important component for providing a quality education of our students is the caliber of school personnel, particularly the teaching staff.  Therefore, we seek teachers who posses:

• A personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

• A love for and understanding of young people of secondary school age

• A thorough knowledge of the subjects they are asked to teach

• A gift for and experience in teaching

• Professional credentials as a secondary school teacher

• The ability to teach multicultural classes and to relate comfortably outside of the classroom to students of different races, cultures, and religions. 

• A willingness to use local resources and to incorporate Cameroonian culture into the curriculum

• A commitment to differentiating among ability levels in order to provide an appropriate level of instruction to each student

• A sense of calling to support missionary families by supporting the education of their children and freeing the parents to fulfill the task that God has called them to on the mission field

*This year one of the missions that provides a hostel for RFIS students was forced to close its doors when no hostel parents could be found. The one remaining hostel took in some of the students, and others found ways to live with family or friends, but it meant that we could not enroll any new students who needed to live away from family. Two mission students in Chad would like to come to RFIS in January, but we have nowhere for them to live. Please pray regularly for God to raise up some hostel parents for the years to come. There are many students who would benefit from the educational opportunities at RFIS who are unable to do so because there is no housing for them. Do you know a couple with open hearts and a desire to guide teens? Maybe God is calling you or someone you know to fill this urgent need. Please do not hesitate to contact Lois Anderson at rfis-director@rfis.org should you have questions or suggestions.


Things for teachers to do during their free time

Close to school

• Attend sporting events at the Palais de Sport or Omnisport stadiums.

• Go to the French or German Cultural center.

• Attend random events that the Korean embassy puts on.

• Shopping at Mokolo, Artisanat, etc.

• Visit the Unification monument.

• Visit the zoo.

• Visit the Mvolye Cathedral

• Go out for dinner to one of the wonderful restaurants.

• Go to the French Club for tennis, swimming, food, volleyball and relaxation.

• Visit the museum downtown or at Mt. Febe Monastery.

Out of town a short distance

• The primate sanctuary

• The Art School and pottery gallery

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