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We are glad you have returned to the TIS web site  and that you have a continued interest in learning more about teaching children of missionaries.

"We have the opportunity of finishing the Bible translation task in this generation.  Will you continue to partner with us to translate Scripture so that all the people groups still waiting can hear the Good News in the language and form that best speaks to them?" --- Bob Creson, President, Wycliffe Bible Translation USA, Infocus, Vol 17, No 2, April 2012

"Partners" includes the teachers of the children of missionaries. Many missionaries, including Bible translators, depend on teachers to teach their children. Without teachers, those involved in Scripture translation and other missionary work may have to set aside their own work to become teachers or leave the field.  Neither scenario is acceptable.

Please watch, listen, hear an MK teacher talk about missionaries leaving the field because there are not enough teachers, click here.

Please watch, listen, and hear an MK teacher talk about setting aside her Bible translation project to become an MK teacher, click here.

"In a lot of ways, I think missionary teachers—whether in a traditional school, or as a tutor for a specific family, or as an itinerant teacher for many families, or even as an online teacher—are some of the unsung heroes in any mission organization."---Todd Nelson, Vice President for Prayer Ministries Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

If you want to explore teaching children of missionaries, begin here.

Teaching children of missionaries is an incredible ministry.  Thanks for stopping by again.   Depending on what you explored when you were here before, you might take a look at two web site pages:

Teaching MKs is Real Missionary Service

The Bigger Picture

You are invited to view three short movies:

MK Teaching is Critical and Rewarding

An interview with parents of MKs

The Bottom Line is Serving God

All of this is to say that teaching children of missionaries is greatly appreciated by parents of MKs.  That is, the labor of MK teachers is needed and is an integral part of taking the Word of God to the nations.

What MK teachers do on a daily basis is genuine, has purpose, and is significant work for the Lord.  Make no mistake, and I wish you could have been with me when I conducted interviews with missionary parents around the world:  Teaching MKs is an integral part of taking the Word of God to the four corners of the earth!

If you have an interest in communicating with an MK teacher in the field, you know, communicate with a real person who is at this moment doing the job you are considering, please provide us with your name, email address, and Skype name and we will have one of them contact you.

If you have an interest in a particular area of the world or grade level or content area, please mention that.  If you would like clarification about one or more of the FAQs or something else from the TIS web site please mention the topic.  If you would like to discuss something not on the TIS web site, please mention that also

 It would be my pleasure to have a coffee with you at a traditional MK school or in a non-traditional setting sometime in the future.

Please continue with your exploration of becoming a teacher of children of missionaries and with your journey for the Lord.  You can always contact me with your questions, concerns and ideas.

Thom Votaw, Ed.D, President

Teachers In Service, Inc.