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Rift Valley Academy in Kenya

Please contact Jill Reber at RVA for more information about teaching at RVA.

About RVA

Rift Valley Academy is a Christian school whose emphasis is the education of missionary children.  It is primarily a boarding school with an enrollment of 490 students, grades K-12.   Parents of the children serve in the various countries on the continent of Africa under eighty different mission organizations. 

RVA sits on the edge of the Great Rift Valley in Kijabe, Kenya at an altitude of 7500 ft.  It is approximately 35 miles northwest of Nairobi.  The school was founded in 1906 and has continued to grow ever since.  The history of the school may be found in the book School in the Clouds by Philip Dow.

RVA's Vision statement is: "Rift Valley Academy seeks, within the African context, to disciple, nurture and educate students towards Christian maturity for the glory of God."  As RVA is a Mission boarding school, all our staff and volunteers come out through their own funds and through a church or mission agency.  We do not offer a paid salary position. If you would like more information about how to apply, go to Africa Inland Mission.

Teaching at RVA

We are looking for certified teachers with at least two years of teaching experience. They should be passionate about kids, realizing that they are teaching students and not just subject matter. RVA teachers view education as a means toward speaking to the hearts of kids, discipling them in their commitment to Jesus Christ. As a result, their involvement in the students’ lives will go beyond just classroom teaching.

Staffing Needs

Current needs for 2016/17 (and longer if possible)

High School English teacher

Student Support Coordinator

Male counselor

Upper Elementary teacher (Aug through Nov 2016 only)

Elementary dorm parent (Aug through Nov 2016 only)

Art teacher (mid-April through mid-July 2017)

Biology teacher (mid-April through mid-July 2017)



High School boys dorm parent--Two needed

Band Director (2017/18 only)

Local Activities

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Why we teach at RVA from Matt & Kristy Faber on Vimeo.