About Teachers In Service, Inc.

Welcome to the family of those who serve the Lord through the education of children of missionaries. Teachers In Service, Inc. (TIS) is a Christian organization.  The awareness of need to address professional needs of teachers of missionary children was the catalyst that brought us into existence in 1997. Meetings with mission school administrators, college administrators and faculty, web research, reading, e-mail dialog, travel to Kenya, Philippines, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, and Korea, and most important, discussions with teachers of missionary children, all took place. Needs were identified and a variety of activities were set into motion to address those needs. In time it became apparent that with many schools there was a need for additional teachers.

As an initial location, TIS began serving MK teachers in Kenya in August 1999 and continues to this day.

TIS became incorporated in the State of New Mexico in 2003 and became a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization in 2004.

TIS is not officially affiliated with any institution or organization, though it works closely with Africa Inland Mission, the Association of Christian Schools International, Missionary Aviation Fellowship, New Tribe Mission, SEND, Service in Missions, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and many more.

TIS is managed by a board of directors that consists of :

Thom Votaw, President

Kathleen Willson, Vice President

Hanna Kingsbury, Member

Samuel Kingsbury, Member


The vision of Teachers In Service is The Perpetual Surplus of Donation and Faith-Based Teachers of Children Of Missionaries.  We recognize that there are many fine overseas Christian schools.  Some of these schools have children of missionaries attending.  Some of these schools pay teachers a salary.  In pursuit of the vision of Teachers In Service, we have chosen to work with a small percentage of the teachers with some of these schools.  Primarily, we work with donation, faith-based teachers of children of missionaries.  This decision in no way implies a lack of support for the majority of schools and teachers.  It merely represents what we think we can do as a small organization.

Thanks for learning about us.

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