College, University Students Invited To Teach Children of Missionaries

Debating whether or not teaching children of missionaries is real missionary service? Yes it is!

In several places in the New Testament Christians are instructed to “Go into all the world to take the message of Christ.” Many have done that and are from different countries. They have gone to many countries to become involved Bible translation, teaching people how to read, have become secretaries, computer workers, become involved with house building, maintenance, cafeteria work,they are doctors and nurses, you name it.

Some of those who go have children that need to be educated. Options for education include home schooling, national schools, and schools for children of missionaries.

Schools for children of missionaries require teachers and in some cases the teachers need to be donation, faith-supported just like their parents.

Among the organizations who pursue this latter group of teachers is Teachers In Service. You are invited to look around this web site and to go here to learn about possible places to go and teach children of missionaries.



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