Contacts Mined From Students, Staff, College Visits

Dave Schlonecker

1.    We had a dedicated staff person in the office at school who coordinated the staff recruitment.  It was often the school secretary so she did it “on the side”

2.    We made sure our staff knew well in advance what our needs were likely to be.  We were looking for very flexible people and most of our permanent staff was flexible enough to bend around the abilities of our new staff recruits.

3.    We kept files of people over the years and kept contact with many past staff and also with contacts who said “not right now, but maybe someday”…frequent follow-ups

4.    A principal made a recruitment trip to the USA every year (usually in February) to visit a few colleges or just to hit the phones.  We’d try to hit at least 3-4 colleges on each trip (often at their mission conference or their ministry fair time or just to set up in the hallway).  Occasionally hit the ACSI conferences, but those tended to be non-productive because of the competition

5.    Our greatest source of advertising ALWAYS was our former students (themselves returning or telling their friends about CA), our former staff, and WORK TEAMS who came to do projects at school during summers.

6.    Made it a point to keep personal contact with contacts…even calling them in their dorm rooms “when they returned from the library” at 3 am!  That happened too often.

7.    Produced a packet with all necessary information and a school brochure to hand out at colleges.  We collected much information from students to follow upon later.

8.    We had an excellent orientation/mentoring program (usually a staff member was assigned to a new staff person from the earliest time through assimilation) which led to a high level of staff retention.

9.    We used INTERCRISTO and other services like that for periods of time, but those were never as useful as our own contacts “mined” from students, staff, college visits, etc

10.  TEAM’s recruiting department was very, very helpful.  As it turned out, it was also quite profitable for them in the long-run because so many of our teachers and school staff ultimately became church planters.  We aided each other in that way and TEAM benefitted.


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