Friends of Teachers in Service, Inc.-volunteers needed

Have you dreamed of teaching children of missionaries? Have you prayed about it? Do you know of others who have gone overseas and taught childen of missionaries and invited you to follow them? Have other things in your life kept you from doing what you want to do but you firmly believe that the Lord is in total charge of your life and that He controls your life and manipulates the circumstances that surround you?  One possibility and opportunity to pray about is to become involved with Friends of Teachers in Service. By becoming involved with this part of Teachers In Service you would be part of the support of schools and nontraditional situations for children of missionaries.

While Friends of TIS is still being developed as part of a two year reconstruction of TIS, please contact us for the latest developments.

Areas where volunteers will be needed

1. Adopt an MK school or nontraditional situation and work with them from home

2. Adopt a target group of potential teachers and contribute to the pursuit of the

3. Edit existing YouTube movies we have that are testimonies of MK teachers and parents of MKs.

4. Edit raw camcorder footage we have that are testimonies of MK teachers and parents of MKs. The edited movie would be uploaded to YouTube.

5. Write description of each YouTube movie for insertion under the movie.

6. Download pictures from each school and nontraditional situation for use in the TIS web site and social media

7. Post to social media from the TIS web site using WordPress. Posts would originate from those who have adopted an MK school or nontraditional situation or from those who have adopted a target group.

8. Manage Google Ads about MK schools and nontraditional situations and our pursuit of MK teachers and work in conjunction with Digital Solutions, our web site designer.

9. Edit and embellish TIS web pages in a general sense.



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