Volunteers with Friends of Teachers In Service

Immediate needs for volunteers

  1. Prayer support!
  2. Knows WordPress for editing the TIS website. Post to social media from the TIS web site using WordPress. Edit and embellish TIS web pages in a general sense.
  3. Manage Google Ads about MK schools and nontraditional situations and our pursuit of MK teachers
  4. Your own ideas that complement what TIS is all about

Soon but not right now needs for volunteers

  1. Adopt an MK school or nontraditional situation
  2. Adopt a target group of potential teachers and contribute to the pursuit of MK teachers from them
  3. Edit raw camcorder footage we have that are testimonies of MK teachers and parents of MKs. The edited movie would be uploaded to YouTube. Edit existing YouTube movies. Write description of each YouTube movie for insertion under the movie.
  4. Download pictures from each school and nontraditional situation’s own web site for use in social media.
  5. Initiate a newsletter about TIS
  6. Work with others in setting in motion Project EdSend

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