Friends of Teachers in Service

Friends of Teachers In Service, Inc. (Friends of TIS) are volunteers who make significant contributions to the operation of TIS for various periods of time. Volunteers would be required to work from home since TIS does not have a typical office from which to work.  Contact would be maintained by use of the internet. Completion of an application form would be required.

These contributions may be related to one of a director’s areas of interest or to the overall functioning TIS.

Friends of TIS may come from the following:

  • Alumni from MK schools and nontraditional situations
  • Mu Kappa
  • Individuals who want to be an MK teacher but cannot go
  • Retired teachers, administrators, any field
  • Business world people
  • Secretarial background people
  • Media and computer background people
  • Graphic design people
  • Marketing background people
  • Administrative background people
  • Volunteers across many talent areas.

Possible areas where Volunteers of TIS could find themselves working:

  • Praying for TIS (There are teams already doing this but more individual and groups are invited, of course!)
  • Donate money for the operation of TIS (A few individuals are already doing this and and more are invited. See “Donate or “Give” page. In time, we will be looking for large donations for Project EdSend.
  • Write a newsletter
  • Edit raw footage for YouTube movies
  • Adopt  one of five potential MK teacher target groups
  • Adopt one of the MK schools or nontraditional situation with whom we work
  • Go to an MK school or nontraditional situation and conduct a workshop (e.g. ceramics, web site design, newsletter design)
  • Invite creativity, bounce ideas of us, innovate, review site and make suggestions. pose ideas and what you would like to do for one of the directors. Take initiative and say something like: “I would like to be a volunteer of Friends of TIS and do this ___________.
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