High School Students Exploring Teaching Children of Missionaries

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•  What does it means to be a teacher of

children of missionaries?

•  Is teaching MKs real missionary service

•  Do MK teachers get paid a salary?


It is wonderful that you are already considering teaching children of missionaries!  Especially at your young age.  We would love to hear the story in your life that led you to this consideration.  We might guess parents, siblings, other family members, friends of family were MK teachers.

Teachers In Service is involved in providing information for potential teachers of children of missionaries.   Missionaries have all sorts of occupations that include flying planes, being a doctor, working on plumbing, accounting, planting churches, Bible translation, and dozens more.  Many of these missionaries have children and the children need to go to school.  Schools need teachers and that is where Teachers In Service fits in.  We don’t process new teachers or send them to the mission field.  Rather, we provide a list of missionary organizations who do and we provide lists of schools in need of teachers.

If you are really serious about becoming a teacher of children of missionaries, you need to begin in high school by making the best grades you can, taking AP classes if you can.  All of these play a role in obtaining a scholarship or getting college credit.  All of this then translates to cutting down college costs, which will be thousands of dollars.

While in college you need to live a frugal life style and get rid of credit cards!  I am serious!  Spend only the money you have.  Remember, many mission organizations set debt limits before they will even process you.  They look at your monthly payment for college loans and your credit card debt.  We have heard time and again from college students who want to go to the mission field but realized too late that their credit card debt will keep them from going.

Teaching children of missionaries means you will be contributing to keeping their parents on the mission field doing the work the Lord called them to do.  It could mean keeping them on task and not having to become teachers themselves since there was not a teacher available (It has happened, believe me!).

Teaching children of missionaries is a significant contribution to spreading the Word of God.  We are told by Christ “to Go.”   John tells us in Revelation that “every culture, people, nation, language. . . ”  This cannot happen until the Word has reached the four corners of the earth.  MK teachers play a significant role in this entire process.  Teaching MKs is significant!

You are invited to explore this web site since it contains a lot of information.  One of your stops should be to review some Bible verses that mean a lot to us at TIS and be  known to you.  One in particular comes to mind:

However, as it is written: No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him — but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit.(1 Corinthians 2:9-10)  God can prepare you while you are still in high school and in college.

Questions are always welcome.  Please contact us.

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Thom Votaw, President

Teachers In Service, Inc.

Vision:  A Perpetual Surplus of MK Teachers

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