Hillcrest International School in Indonesia

Hillcrest International School is an accredited Christian school whose purpose is to provide a quality education for the children of missionaries.  Located on the easternmost island of Indonesia, this school brings together approximately 150 students and 20 faculty from various parts of the world.

The campus is divided into three distinct areas. Seven classrooms are clustered around a courtyard to comprise the elementary school. The middle school, grades six, seven and eight are on the eastern side of the school next to the library and computer labs. The high school classrooms utilize the buildings on either side of the main office. These include specialized rooms for art, drama, language arts, the math, science, history and Bible rooms.  Additional facilities comprise two gyms, a soccer filed, band room, health clinic, multi-purpose room, a lunch room and playgrounds.  Additionally, there are two dormitories for high school students whose parents are working interior.

Hillcrest International School has many positions for expatriate personnel. All of them are from supported agencies (This means that HIS doesn’t pay a salary. Each worker must raise their own salary in accordance with the practice of their sponsoring agency) — either full-time at HIS or volunteers from the ex-pat community.

Please contract the director  hisdirector2011@hismk.org

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