Invitations to students to become teachers of children of missionaries

• High school students

• College/university students

• Children of missionaries students

• Korean students


Serve the Lord

After college the Lord led me through a series steps before I became teacher.  Initially, I wanted to use my science degree for research.  The Lord had a different idea for my life that was part of his plan not mine.  I did not know how extensive the plan was until later in life. However, the seed was planted while in college.

If you are a Christian in college or a university or just graduated, please pursue the Lord’s will for his use of your training and devote time for specific prayer for this.  It is OK to pray for your next step all the while praying for the bigger picture of the Lord’s plan for your life.  That is, to pray for each step along the way and you will be guided by the Lord for his purpose for your life.

If you plan to teach school pray about and consider going to the mission field to teach children of missionaries.  This web site contains several pages that will provide an overview of what teaching these kids is all about.

Several mission organizations work with new teachers to prepare them to go to the mission field.  This preparation includes an application, interview, raising support, orientation, where there are needs and what grade level or content areas are needed, etc.

You probably have some questions about all of this.  Some answers may be found here. Other questions can be directed to one or more mission organizations.  Please contact Teachers In Service for general information about teaching children of missionaries.

Above all , see here about what is life and service for our Lord is all about.

You can really do this!  You really can serve the Lord by teaching children of missionaries.


Thanks for stopping by.

Thom Votaw, President, Teachers In Service, Inc.

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