Issues related to pursuit of MK teachers

Over the past few years MK teachers, administrators, and recruiters have contacted Teachers In Service about a variety of issues related to the pursuit of teachers.  Following is a partial list of these issues.  If you wish to comment on any of these issues please go to the relevant page.  Thank you very much.

1.     How do we address the issue that more and more prospective teachers aren’t willing to raise any level of support when there is such a plethora of salary-based options out there?

2.     How do we set in motion a mechanism that would assume monthly repayments of college loans for teachers to go to the mission field to teach children of missionaries?

3.     How do we encourage a multi-mission drive to construct and staff more schools for children of missionaries?

4.     How do we increase awareness among churches, Christian colleges and Universities, and Christian organizations who work with secular colleges and universities about the need for more overseas missionaries, including  teachers for children of missionaries?

5.     How do we increase the number of teachers with the requisite skills in ESL, ELL, TESOL to teach children of missionaries from new sending countries (e.g. Korea) programs?

6.     How do we increase the number of Christian teachers with the skills to teach in nontraditional education situations with children of missionaries?

7.     How do we increase the number of high school students in general and Korean students in particular to go to college/university to prepare themselves to become teachers of children of missionaries?

8.     How do we facilitate teachers of children of missionaries recruiting more teachers?

9.     Outsourcing MK education? Is this really being contemplated? Isn’t outsourcing teachers of children of missionaries, with a salary of course, contradictory to early church missionary trips with total dependence on the Lord? Are we willing to go to any length for our goal? But what about the role of prayer, faith, dependence, obedience, service?

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