Kathmandu International Study Center in Nepal


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The Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC) was born out of the educational needs of the children of mission workers who came to provide humanitarian assistance to Nepal after the opening of the country’s borders to foreigners in the early 1950s. Established by United Mission to Nepal (UMN) and International Nepal Fellowship (INF) in 1987, KISC has become a reputed international Christian school in Nepal. In 2007, the Nepali NGO, Human Development and Community Services (HDCS), was awarded the ownership of KISC by the Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Education. God has richly blessed KISC for over 30 years and we want to share the blessing with others in Nepal.




Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP) was started in 2007 to allow KISC to share blessings and help transform education in Nepal through practical teacher training. The programme equips teachers with the tools and skills necessary to develop problem solving, creative thinking and good character in students. It also works with whole school communities to encourage a mindset that everyone has an important role to play towards improving education in Nepal.


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This country is a small, landlocked Asian country nestled between India and China. Boasting large mountains and the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest, Nepal is a beautiful place. Despite being rich in natural resources, Nepal remains one of the least developed countries in the world. Its mountainous topography make development work difficult and costly. The country ranks 149 out of 189 on the United Nations’ Human Development Index scale. The index measures a country’s achievements in terms of health, income and education.


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