Korean University Students Or Teachers Exploring Teaching Children Of Missionaries

If you are a Korean college or university student or already a teacher you are invited to explore this web site.   The Korean community of Christians have become very involved in international missions.  In fact, Korea is currently sending more missionaries to the field than the US!

(Debating whether or not teaching MKs is real missionary service?  Yes it is!)

(What does it means to be a teacher of children of missionaries? Find out here!)

(Do MK teachers get paid a salary?  No they do not.

At least not in the MK schools with whom TIS is involved, and there are very good reasons for this.  Please consider them!)

In some cases these Korean missionaries bring their children with them.  Children need to go to school and in some cases the children are home schooled and in other cases parents look around for a school for their children, preferably a school for children of missionaries.

In a worse case scenario the parents cannot locate an adequate school and they have to return to Korea, leaving their work for the Lord undone.  In other cases a school is located but there are few Korean teachers to assist the childen with their own language and culture.  Essentially, many Korean missionaries go to the field with a burden in their hearts to serve the Lord but this burden has a reality check because of an inadequate number of Korean teachers for their children.

Among the target groups Teachers In Service is pursuing to become teachers of children of missionaries are Korean teachers.  However, some potential Korean teachers may question whether or not teaching these children is real missionary service.  Emphatically, it is!

You might first explore the TIS home page to obtain an overview of the entire contents.   In particular you might begin with some Bible verses that are meaningful to us and may be to you also.  You may have more questions than we have provided answers for on this web site.   After you have investigated this site please contact specific mission organizations for more information.  You may always contact us and we can provide answers to general questions.

If you are a Korean teacher or are training to become a teacher, please consider teaching children of missionaries, become a missionary yourself, and support other missionaries in their work for the Lord.  If you attend a Korean Christian church please spread the word about the need for Korean teachers of children of missionaries.  If your pastor knows how to spread this need among other Korean churches please invite him to do this.  There is a particular need for Korean teachers at this time at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, Faith Academy in the Philippines, Faith International Academy of Davao City in the Phillippines, and Nontraditional Educational Situations in several countries.


Thank you very much for coming to our web site and for exploring teaching children of Korean missionaries..

Thom Votaw, Ed.D. President

Teachers In Service, Inc.

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