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The number of teachers needed to fill these wonderful teaching positions continues to increase as taking the Word of God moves into different areas.  These teaching situations are different than teaching in a more traditional classroom and teachers need to have some unique skills.  Some may say, “teaching out of the box.”  These opportunities offer tremendous rewards for working with diverse groups of children.  If you have a question about whether or not teaching these children is real missionary service, we can tell you that it is!

If you are exploring teaching children of missionaries please continue your exploration and consider teaching in a nontraditional situation.

Qualifications for teachers teaching in nontraditional situations

•   Being a teacher with appropriate skills sets to work in one or more of the nontraditional situations

•   Been in the classroom for a while

•   Can make individual plans for children

•   Works well with small numbers of children who are at different levels

•   Committing one year with two years desirable

•   Being spiritually vital and mature

•   May work by her/himself

•   May need to move around

•   Needs to be very flexible, resourceful and creative

•   Being sensitive to cross-cultural issues

•   Having an  innovative spirit.

•   Welcoming parents’ involvement

•   Having a familiarity with home schooling curriculum

•   Working closely with AERC and ANCHOR and their consultants

•   Cross-cultural Experience would be a plus

Please contact Bev Harrar for nontraditdional situations in Africa.

Please contact Alan Farlin for nontraditinal situations in Asia

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