Paying Teachers of Missionary Kids a Salary?

Teaching children of missionaries means that first you are a missionary and second a teacher (rather than the reverse).  The MK schools and nontraditional situations with whom Teachers In Service works have faith-supported teachers or are definitely working in that direction.  These schools and nontraditional situations ask their faculty to raise their own support.  While this can be a scary process for some prospective teachers, we feel it is necessary and helpful for the following reasons:

It solidifies your call

These schools and nontraditioal situations and the parents of the children attending the school or participating in a nontraditioal situations want teachers who have been called by God to serve in this way. Raising support is one way that God can communicate whether or not he truly wants you to teach children of missionaries.  Please read and understand the first six Bible verses in the TIS list.

It is a faith-strengthening process

While support-raising can be difficult, God can use it to build your trust in him. Further, it strengthens your own sense of dependence on him as you see him provide what you need.

It helps keep tuition low

These schools and nontraditioal situations strive to keep tuition as affordable for everybody as possible. The single biggest expense of any school is teacher salaries.  The money for salaries comes from tuition parents pay.  Their money comes from raising their own support.  If the school and nontraditioal situation were to pay teachers a salary that means the parents would have to raise even more support.  The reasoning is that why should missionary parents have to raise additional support to pay missionary teachers a salary?

One MK school we know about charges $500 per month per child.  This translates to the parents having to raise $500 more per month per child from their own supporters.

It provides you with prayer support

When raising support, raising money is only part of the picture, and not even the most important part. You will also be asking people to pray for you and for God’s provision and grace in your life. You will find that prayer support crucial during your time at any MK school or nontraditioal situations . You need people who are presenting the challenges you will face before the throne of God.


Making the choice to teach in an MK school where you receive a salary or in an MK school or nontraditioal situation where teachers are donation, faith-based, like other missionaries, is a personal one and one that we at Teachers In Service request that you take to the Lord in prayer.  We are here to discuss this with you.  Please watch a movie about this.  Please click here (third section) to gain a more in-depth understanding of MK teachers paying their own way to teach children of missionaries.

Thank you very much.

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