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Looking For Something Different?

Thom Votaw

Once upon a time there was a Christian teacher of science in a secular high school.  Initially he was quite satisfied with teaching for 9 months and then working as a ranger in national parks during the summer.

Then along came accountably, No Child Left Behind, smart phones that impacted giving of tests, an irate parent, a new principal who was not all that good, and two incorrigible, reprobate students.

The teacher was somewhat burned out and definitely ready for a change from teaching.  You know, too much paper work, too much accountability. and definitely less satisfied with teaching than he was when he started a few years ago.

Searching for alternatives to teaching in his school, he went to the web and put in different descriptors in the search line.  Some of these descriptors were, “need change from teaching,” “pursuit of satisfying use life,” and even, “teaching children of missionaries.”

He wondered about what it means to be a teacher of children of missionaries.  He read one article about  the need for teachers to teach children of missionaries was critical.

The need for these teachers was critical? This really did not make sense because he believed teachers of children of missionaries were part of the bigger picture of taking the Word of God to the four corners of the earth.  The more he thought about it the more he concluded that teaching children of missionaries would be very rewarding, and much better than the school in which he was now teaching.

After viewing some movies, actually testimonies by parents of children of missionaries, he decided to make inquiries with mission organizations who send teachers to the mission field.

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