Professional Development For Teachers of Children of Missionaries

Teaching Ideas For Those Involved With Home Schooling, Co-op Schools And For Any School For Children Of Missionaries.

Traveling around visiting MK schools and meeting with teachers and home schooling parents, I hear over and over again, “What is happening in the US in education?”  In other situations I hear from “teachers” who are not trained teachers, “How do I teach?  Essentially, this group is asking about the knowledge base of teaching and how can they learn about it, short of going to college.  I try to tell them that education has an ever-expanding information base just like medicine and alternative erengy.

Following are some of the ideas from the information base that constitutes “Teaching and Education.”  These ideas are what we may call the foundation of what teaching children is all about.  We will be supplying the content for each of these areas in a short while.  Thank you for your patence.

• Motivating strategies

• Piaget’s levels of development

• Levels of mental involvement

• Multiple intelligences

• Classroom practices

• Brain based teaching and learning

• Robert Marzano’s Synthesis

• Creative Process Skills

• Science Process Skills

• Professional Learning Communities

• Common Core

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