Q. Can You Tell Me What It Is Like For Teachers Of Children Of Missionaries To Live Overseas?

Some schools will have laundry facilities on campus. If you live in an apartment you may or not have laundry facilities. You may have to locate a commercial laundry place. In some cases laundry may have to be done by hand.

Outside the US and Canada most of the world runs on 220 volts and not 110. Appliances taken should either be convertible between 110 and 220 or strictly 220. In some places there will be transformers that will change 220 to 110. In some places electricity may be rationed.

Americans are accustomed to houses, schools, offices, etc. being heated and cooled. In many areas of the world there is either limited energy for heating and cooling or a different philosophy: “Put on a sweater if you are cold.” Be flexible with this and do not expect to see energy use at the same level as in he US or Canada.

With regard to cooking utensils, take some with you but remember that you can always purchase some when you get to your new home. They may not be the same shape or made of the same material but after all, you are entering a new culture. Again, be flexible.

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