How do we increase the number MK teachers with the requisite skills to teach in nontraditional education situations?

Friends of Teachers In Service, Inc. are invited to pray for, think about, respond to, and pass on to their own friends and networks, a series of concerns about MK schools.

How do we increase the number MK teachers with the requisite skills to teach in nontraditional education situations?

The requisite skills include:

Being a master teacher with an elementary emphasis

Committing to at least two years

Being spiritually vital, mature

Meeting multilevel needs

Being sensitive to cross cultural issues

Having an entrepreneurial spirit

Welcoming parent’s involvement

Having a familiarity with homeschooling curriculum

Working closely with AERC and their consultants

Raising own financial support*


*Teaching in a nontraditional educational setting means being a missionary and like other missionaries teachers need to raise their own support. While this can be a scary process for some prospective, nontraditional teachers, we feel it is necessary and helpful for the following reasons:

•   It solidifies your call to serve the Lord in this position.  Raising support is one way that God can communicate whether or not He truly wants you teaching in a nontraditional setting.

•  It is a faith-strengthening process. While support-raising can be difficult, God can use it to build your trust in Him. Further, it strengthens your own sense of dependence on Him as you see him provide what you need.

•   It helps keep our tuition low.  Some missionary families have a limited income and there is a need to keep tuition as affordable for everybody as possible.  We seek to serve families who need a Christian education for their children by asking our teachers to raise their own living expenses and salaries.

•  It provides you with prayer support.  When raising support, raising money is only part of the picture, and not even the most important part. You will also be asking people to pray for you and for God’s provision and grace in your life. You will find that prayer support crucial during your time teaching in a nontraditional setting. You need people who are presenting the challenges you will face before the throne of God.

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