Restructuring Teachers In Service, Inc.

An Invitation to Participate

Dear Teachers of MKs:

Teachers In Service is looking for donation, faith-based, MK teachers who view their service to the Lord in a large context. We want to form a team of these individuals to contribute to the restructuring of Teachers In Service, Inc.


(More background)

Some of you may not know about Teachers In Service because it is not a large mission organization involved in recruitment, processing, and sending MK teachers to the field.  However, TIS has been working in the background for 20 years in the pursuit of donation, faith-based MK teachers and passing them on to large mission organizations for processing and in advertising for teaching opportunities for MK schools and nontraditional situations with whom we work.

We have pages on the TIS web site for prospective MK teachers from two target groups: students and teachers.  We pursue them by way of FacebookTwitter , and Google ads.

We have pages on the TIS web site for MK schools and nontraditional situations with whom we work. We advertise their staff needs by way of FacebookTwitter, and Google ads.

Please see the TIS home page for many other related links on the web site.


The result of our 20 years of pursuit of the TIS vision of a perpetual surplus of donation, faith-based teachers of children of missionaries is like a foundation for building a house that is now in need of other workers to build the rest of the house. The need for what TIS does is real and may be seen in a series of testimonies/interviews we conducted at various places around the world with MK TeachersAdministrators,  and Parents.

To build the house on the TIS foundation we are looking for donation, faith-based, MK teachers who view their service to the Lord in a large context. We would like for them to contribute to the restructuring process since we believe they are the very best workers for this endeavor. That is, we want to utilize those who know best the need for more teachers and the need to advertise teaching opportunities with the MK schools with whom we work.

But how do we gain access to these teachers?  We invite them with this web page! If you are innovative, somewhat gutsy, like new things, like to kick out the sides of traditional boxes, and view your service to the Lord in a large context, you are invited contact us to join the team we are forming to restructure Teachers In Service.

We are not asking you to leave your teaching position. Rather, for you and others to become involved with us during a time of home assignment, during furlough, during a time to return home to care for a family member, perhaps when the time for a need for a change of environment comes up, or perhaps when you retire.  We want you to maintain your teaching of MKs, your affilation with a mission organization, and to keep your supporters since TIS is also, donation, faith-supported.  All of this needs to be discussed when the team is formed.

Initial dialog with possible team members will have to be email followed by Skype or some other remote application.  In time, however, we need to set a date and find a location for the team to meet face to face. Perhaps July 2018 in Orlando.

What the team will do

The team needs to formulate a plan to enhance what we already do for schools and to locate individuals to address these needs.  The ideal choice of individuals is to pursue another team of long-term, donation-based teachers who will implement the plan devised by the restructuring team.

Addressing these needs has been in motion for some time but each need requires the attention of an individual to really move it forward. Following are the needs:

•  Advertising for teaching opportunities for the MK school community with whom we  work

•  Pursuing new teachers from students and teachers who will teach with the MK school community with whom we work

•  Managing and improving the TIS web site

•  Managing Google Adwords for advertising teaching opportunities and pursuing teachers

•  Managing media, which includes a newsletter, Youtube movies (TeachersAdministratorsParents)  and social media (FacebookTwitter)

•  Managing financial matters, business, money, crowd funding, legal stuff

In time, I would like to step down as the administrator and become head of innovation.  The team would need to locate my replacement. Among the projects I would like to pursue is to revive Project EdSend that was pursued many years ago. This project needs to obtain the financial means to assume MK teachers’ monthly college education loan repayments for as long as they remain on the mission field as MK teachers with the MK community with whom we work.


It is through the use of MK teachers that we believe what TIS does for MK schools will be enhanced. We believe this work will result in an increase of applicants of new teachers for the schools with whom we work.

Please pray about restructuring TIS and seek the will of the Lord for your own involvement. Please pray for guiding by the Holy Spirit. Please pray that the Lord will move TIS in ways that we cannot even imagine.

Please respond to this request by contacting us and indicate your interest, where you teach, when you would be available to become a restructuring team member, and if you could be in Orlando in July 2018 and/or available by some remote means.  Please contact us with questions and concerns.  Please communicate with your principal and supporters about the possibility of your becoming involved with the restructuring of TIS.

Thanks so much for considering how you could contribute to restructuring TIS to better serve our Lord through the pursuit of the vision of TIS:  A Perpetual Surplus of Donation, Faith-Based Teachers of Children of Missionaries.  The best of TIS is yet to come with long-term donation, faith-based teachers of children of missionaries!

Please pass the information about the restructuring of TIS on to others with a similar leaning, perhaps through newsletters to supporters or personal contacts.


Serving our Lord Christ Jesus together,


Thom Votaw   Cell: 575 649 6296 (Mountain time, USA) Text first please.

Vision of Teachers In Service, Inc.: The Perpetual Surplus of Donation, Faith-Based Teachers of Children of Missionaries

Board of Directors, Teachers In Service, Inc.

Thom Votaw, President, retired professor of teacher education

Kathleen Willson, Vice President, science teacher, Regis Jesuit High School, Denver

Hanna Kingsbury, Member, English teacher, Rift Valley Academy, Kenya

Samuel Kingsbury, Member, drama teacher, Rift Valley Academy, Kenya

Ryan Murphy, Member, English teacher, Rift Valley Academy, Kenya

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