The Bigger Picture Of The Great Commission Of Christ Includes Teachers for the Children of Missionaries

What is the bigger picture you talking about?  Just how big are the efforts of the Great Commission of Christ?  Are there really thousands of overseas missionaries working in many different jobs in many different countires to spread the Word of God to those who have never heard it?  If this is important, how come I don’t hear any of this from my church?

Answers to most of these questions may be found here.  When you finish reading about the bigger picture, there is another part of the equation you need to learn about: How do we keep all these missionaries on the job and on task and for them not to pack it all up and head home? Part of this answer has to do with family health issues or maybe financial issues, or events back home that need attention.  Another part may be the education of missionaries’ children.

There are many things in motion to educate these children.  One thing has to with an adequate number of teachers and that is where Teachers In Service enters the picture.  There are many efforts to provide an adequate number of teachers for these children, TIS is but one and that is what this web site is all about.

If Christ had not given us His Great Commission we would have little need for missionaries.  If John in Revelation 7:9 had not recorded the words of the Holy Spirit about every nation, tribe, people, and language we would have little need for missionaries to go the utter most parts of the earth.

But this was not the case for either of these “If” statements.  Christ did indeed say to “Go,” whether stated emphatically or gently, we don’t know.  In either case it was clear what the disciples were to do, and those who followed them:  To “Go.”

And the Holy Spirit speaking to us through John defined the parameters of  “Go.”  There is no question about the extent to where missionaries should go and what they should do.  None.

Thousands of missionaries have gone and more contine to go.   They translate the Word of God with the message of Christ into hundreds of languages.  They produce written, auditory, and Braille forms.  They tell Bible stories, plant and nurture churches.  They lead the lost to Christ.

But many have children, and children need to be educated.  And who does this?  Sometimes parents, at least for a few years.  Some use the internet.  Sometimes children shuffle back and forth between a school and home, making use of radio contact with their school when they are at home.  Sometimes parents get together and form cooperative schools and share responsibilities, all the while continuing with their work for the Lord.  Some children attend a regular school for childen of missionaries and have regular school teachers.

Enter that wonderful group of individuals we call “Teachers!”  Yes, teachers for children of missionaries.  The teachers take on the role of teaching the children of missionaries and in process free the parents to do the work of the Lord they were called to do.

What a wonderful synergism where everyone wins.

What is not so wonderful is that there are more missionaries with children than there are teachers.  This discrepancy has two scenarios:  Parents take on the role of classroom teachers in a school for children of missionaries, and in the process diminish their own work for the Lord or they leave the mission field altogether, which is even worse.  Neither scenario is acceptable.

The solution may be simply stated:  Recruit more teachers.  But in reality Satan would rather facilitate one or both the scenarios.  He does this by making college loans payback difficult, by some individuals casting doubts in the minds of potential teachers, by providing many, many excuses to potential teachers.  Maybe you know about these.

Mission organizations. of course, recruit teachers.  Individuals, like teachers on furlough, recruit teachers.  The World Wide Web, Facebook, and Twitter are used.  Teachers In Service is but one organization that pursues teachers for children of missionaries.  It has the far-reaching vision of a perpetual surplus of these teachers.  We at TIS do what we do because we know first hand the critical role teachers play in the Great Commission of Christ and in John’s words from the Holy Spirit.

You are invited and encouraged to pursue becoming one of these teachers by going to our Lord in prayer and seeking His face in the decision.  We are talking about a journey with the Lord as He uses you (and us of couse) to contribute to His Kingdom.

Please consider this web site as a place to continue, after your prayer.

We at TIS would love to be part of your decision.

Thom Votaw, President, TIS

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