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Children of Missionaries Exploring Teaching

Children of Missionaries

Two members of the Teachers In Service Boad of directors are MKs

and returned to the field to teach MKs.  Read some of their blogs here and here.

Please see a newsletter from Wycliffe USA on

the value of and need for teachers of children of missionaries.

Just where do these teachers teach?

Some in “regular” schools and some in

nontraditional situations.

I bet you are here in this web site because you are either returning the field for sure or are just considering it.  In either case we welcome you and invite you to review Bible verses that you already know.

You already know about teachers who teach children of missionaries. You may be set on becoming an MK teacher yourself or you are investigating the possibility.   You may have already decided where you want to go, perhaps to return to the country, region, or school you graduated from.   At any rate, we provide information of a general nature about teaching children of missionaries and provide links to organizations who process and send teachers to the field.  We also provide names of schools where teachers serve.  You are also invited to go to the five regions of the world and look around:  The Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, The Pacific Area.  You will see a list of schools for children of missionaries that you could contact.

You are invited to explore the Teachers In Service web site to learn more about teaching children of missionaries.

Of course, you are invited to contact us for any sort of questions or concerns.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thom Votaw, President, TIS

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